Aiken 211 Help Line

Challenges and difficulties are a part of life. Sometimes we are faced with so many challenges, that we don't know where to begin. Let us help. We know that talking to someone who actively listens can be beneficial.

We believe that everyone has the right to be listened to without judgment and free from criticism. Dial 2-1-1. All calls are free and confidential.

During the difficult times, we can provide supportive information and referrals or intervention. There are services, programs and agencies in your area that can assist with whatever your needs are.

Examples include:
Need for Food, Shelter/Housing, Clothing, Transportation, Child Care, Utility Payment Assistance, County Services and Information; Health Care; Employment; Local Summer Camp Listings for children; Day Care; Elderly or Disability Services; Crisis Intervention for Domestic, Child or Elder Abuse; Alcohol & Drug Addiction; Suicide Prevention; Supportive Listening and Community Wide Information During Times of Disaster.

When people need help, they call three, easy to remember numbers: 2-1-1. Trained Call Specialists are waiting to talk to you and to offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all day, every day.

Help Line serves thousands of callers each year. People who have nowhere else to turn or don't know where to start call the Help Line by Dialing 2-1-1. Let us assist you with finding the answers to your questions. Help Line 2-1-1 answers the call and stands committed to the community as a valuable resource.

The FCC designated 2-1-1 as the access number for community information and referral July 21, 2000.  Learn more about 2-1-1 or find your local 2-1-1.

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